For Sale Drum & bass records for sale including High Contrast,Logistics. Also trance & electro


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Jan 14, 2008
Drum and bass vinyl, in good condition. The records are:

High Contrast - True Colours LP 4X12"(missing 1 disk); C.Music is everything D.Global Love E.Amen Sister F.Expose G.Savour Faire H. Return of Forever - £4

Q Project - Hello My Name Is LP 2X12" - A.Obsession B.Slowly But Surely C.Cotton Eye Joe D.Milk n Honey - £4

High Contrast - High Sociecty 4X12" - A.Lovesick B.High Society C.The persistence of memory D.Natural high E.Tutti Fruity F.Yesterdays Colours G.Brief Encounter H.Angels and Fly - £5

Liquid V EP 2X12"; A Commix - Hung Up B.Logistics - Love Unlimited C. Utah Jazz - Harlem D.Peshay - Liquid V £4

Logistics - Replay/SKC + Safair - Free My Soul - £2.50

Logistics - Blackout/Bounce - £2

Q Project - Nation 2 Nation/Living With Beaker £2

Logistics - Uprock/Static - £2

Radar - Fierce Funk/King Tut - £2

I Will do them all for £24 as a whole. I will have to work out postage for this though.
I will only except paypal, Postage charges for Uk are £2.50 for 1st record and £1 for every one ontop of that. There will be a slight discount on the LP's becasue they are in one sleeve.
I also have some Trance, house and electro if anyone is interested email me on
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