Drum&Bass Overload!!


Hey hey... here's my latest mix... featuring some of my favorite tracks at the moment. Enjoy! ;)

1. Sunchase & Nickbee - Zoned
2. Xtrah - Arise
3. Hydro & Halogenix - Disillusioned
4. Data - Fragment
5. Xtrah - Contortion
6. Rockwell - My War
7. Data - Dissent
8. Seba - It aint the weather
9. Mikal - The Chant
10. Overlook - Actress
11. Amoss - Footloose (Linden Remix)
12. Subtension & Minor Rain - Sklep
13. Overlook - Glass
14. ASC - Snow Wolf
15. Amoss - Minus (Hybris Remix)
16. Cause 4 Concern - Creatures Of Habit
17. Xtrah - Regain Control
18. DRS - Bun Ya
19. Sabre - Peril (Stray Remix)
20. Data - Passive Agressive (Stray Remix)
21. Nebulus & Alcane - Deep Beneath
22. DB1 - Vanguard

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Today, it is ThaDarkStranger's turn for some detailed feedback. First tracklist that tempted me in, but thats only personal preferance on selection.

Tracklist looks quality from the off. Zoned is a wicked marching tune. Need to start playing that more, just finding things that go well with it. Would have liked the mix with Arise to come in in the first part of Zoned, just felt I was waiting a while for it. Wicked idea for that mix, in time, but alightment of bars was out of sync (I think a stray 8 bars or something). The second mix was out by about 16 bars, in time again, but out of sync. Pretty much standard dnb tunes are constructed in 32 bars. I enjoyed the the rolling flavour of Disillusioned contrasted by the crunchy clunking Fragment. That was nice + the way you switched the tunes backward & forwards was cool. Also the mix with Fragment & Contortion was ingeneous the was way you were bringing it in, but in time & out of sync again. My War was brought in well, but would have liked to hear it mixed with Contortion on the drop as opposed to a switch. Dissent is a wicked tune, not heard that one before. The Chant - Actress was a nice mix. The choppy drum structures of both tunes rolled together well. Really feeling Actress atm. Just working on piecing it into a mix myself. The switching between Footloose & Actress could have been a little cleaner when that first started coming in. Actually had that mix lined up for my next recording :) will have to think of something else with that now. The mix with Sklep & Footloose rmx was nice, but again I would have let the mix roll & not switched the tunes in & out, as that needs to be on point when doing so. Glass flowed well off the back of the last mix. Minus rmx worked well with the tail end of Snow Wolf, particular elements in both tunes complimenting each other. Both the Stray rmx's worked together well & when the bass from Deep Beneath pushed through with the breakbeats of Passive Agressive rmx, that was really enjoyable.

Quite a nice mix, all in all, bar the slight sync issues where the tunes were brought in at the wrong time.
Plus the tunes to minutes ratio was a smidge on the low side for me.

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Hehe just saw this now... thanks for the very detailed feedback... appreciate it... and yes some of those mixes are a little off... but overall I'm pretty pleased ;)