(Drum & Bass) Oqtune - SummerFeel


Mad Scientist
Hey mate,

This is a really nice sounding track, really like the overall production, the organ/keys sound that it`s based around is sweet, and the drums are soundince nice :)

Feedback would be as follows:

Little fill that comes in around at about 21 secs could be tightened up / quantized a touch as it`s a little off timing.
The little snare riff that happens at about 33 secs and elsewhere sounds a tiny bit weak, or it clashes with the minimal vibe the drums currently have, although that`s maybe a matter of opinion. Personally i`d drop those and keep those sorts of edits ( for this track anyway ) really simple and minimal. Around 43 seconds there`s a snare hit from a slightly beefier snare sound, after hearing that i kinda expected to hear it overlayed over the existing snare after that, on the 2 and 4 of the bar for example.. Guess that`s your choice though..

Anyway - nice work man def keep it up very musical sounding dnb track :)


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Thank you for feedback people! It helped. I agreed with most of the stuff you guys said. I've now updated the song and I've fixed alot of stuff that you people said. It's also updated in the player so you could take a listen once again. Feedback from others is also very welcome!