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    DJ Pleasure DnB Battle Mix October 2009 Entry (not dnbf comp)

    Some three & four deck occurances to keep it fluid & interesting, removing the repetitiveness often found in this style of dnb, rollin the beats. Can you work out what is mashed with what?

    Track 19 an exclusive mashup I made a few years ago, thought i'd give that an airing too.

    Track selection.....It was not really specified what the required sub genre was for this battle competition. My comfort zone is definately, dnb with a reggae, jungle feel, thought I'd step up to the plate and take on something totally out of my zone, rather than take the easy option. Initially I selected 3 lots of dnb for my mix set, different sub genres,
    Kicked of with this set first, was happy how it went, so did not bother with the others of a more laid back smoother style.
    Max time allowed was 75 mins.....once u start rollin the beats.....carried on for the full duration :)
    Found this quite hard as recently lost the sensation in my left hand and right fingers due to diabetes hopefully only a temp thing, jog wheel manipulation much harder.
    Difficult again as no crowd reaction to read.....selected for the strictly hardcore dnb crews, mixing some old with some new. Hope the judges like this style of DnB!

    This mix is NOT designed to be played through sub standard audio equipment....If you dont have a sub....dont bother!!!!!

    Is it good enough? you decide!


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    Man Dem Beats (DnB)
    Drum n Bass

    As requested, DnB mixed 29/09/2009 Ft Dem 2 Ruff........Enjoy




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    Title: Messy Weekend

    mixed 01/008/2009, 320kbps

    01 - Calvin Harris - Something For The Weekend (High Contrast Mix)
    02 - Invisible Landscape - Funky Fresh
    03 - commix - breaking through
    04 - London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix)
    05 - lenzman - memory loss
    06 - Scan Hz - Ride The Planets
    07 - Syncopix - Mr Resident
    08 - Complex - Beautiful Lies
    09 - Lion Fiya - Truth & Rights
    10 - Slipmatt - Breaking Free (Modified Motion Mix)
    11 - Zen - Beat'em Up
    12 - Arp Xp & Maurs - What Do You Do (Ft. Peh)
    13 - Cold Jazz & Wezzler Ft. Joey Fever - Little Seed
    14 - Digital - Sound Killa
    15 - The Green Man Ft. Mc Lowqui - Do It Irie
    16 - Vital Elements - Outside The Box
    17 - Kenshiro - Stir (Telmo A Remix)
    18 - Shufunk - F.E.A.R.




    BIG CHOONS, Oldskool UK Garage Bizzness.

    Mixed 05/10/2009




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    a massive four hour set in tribute to Tek, who sadly passed at a very young age. one minute he was at a party dancing, the next on the floor. He leaves behind little Sonny, & Hayley. Strictly oldskool hardcore then jungle, you know the crack...no chat, back to back.

    initially broadcast at djsinthemix on 17/09/2009

    see below for links and tracklists


    Due to length this is split into two sections.

    Mix one:
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    01 - Cyclone - Lord Of The Land (Club Mix)
    02 - Acen - Close Your Eyes (Xxx-Mix)
    03 - Awesome 3 - Dont Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)
    04 - 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down
    05 - Rhythm Quest - Closer To Your Dreams
    06 - Sl2 - Way In My Brain
    07 - Kicksquad - Sound Clash (Champion Sound)
    08 - Ratpack - Searching For My Rizla
    09 - Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out
    10 - Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer (Housequake Mix)
    11 - Dj Seduction - Dj's Unite Vol.01
    12 - Manix - Feel Real Good (Remix)
    13 - Electron - The Force
    14 - Blame - Music Takes You
    15 - Jonny L - Hurt You So
    16 - Gordon Edge - Compnded (Edge 1)
    17 - Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)
    18 - Chemical - Sub Sector

    Mix Two (Strictly Oldskool Jungle)

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    Future Underground Nation - Its The Way 99 (Original Mix)
    Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (31 Seconds) (Shadowman Remix)
    Ruffstuff - Burn To The Spliff
    Dms Ft.Mc Boneman X - Sos (Midnight Mix)
    Criminal Minds Vs D O T - Drums Of Dub
    Potential Bad Boy - Bad Girl
    Omni Trio - Renegade Snares
    Cmc & Potential Bad Boy - Jungle Fever 5
    Smf-Vol 3 - Untitled
    Slipmatt - Breakin Free
    Smokey Joe - Original Bad Boy Rhythm
    Dj Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man
    M-Beat - Rumble
    Tek 9 - Slow Down (Nookie Remix)
    Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune
    Dillinger - Deadly Deep Subs
    Nookie - Only You
    Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura
    Hyper-On-Experience - Lord Of The Null Lines
    L Double - Retreat
    The New Cru Ft.General Pecos - Run Come (Original Mix)
    M-Beat - Dark Magnet
    Leviticus - Burial
    Bagga Worries & Jooxie Nice - Legalize
    Soundman & Don Lloydie - Greater Love
    X Project - Unknown (Dubplate 2)
    M-Beat - Style (Sweet Girl Mix)
    Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune Fantasy No 1
    Brainkillers Remarc Et Al - Press The Buzzer-1995
    The Source - Da Police
    Brainkillers - Lovin (Part 1)-1995
    Johnny Osbourne - Jungle Buddy Bye (Hiroo Onoda Dub)
    M Beat Ft.General Levy - Incredible (Original Mix)
    Urban Shakedown Ft. Dbo General - Some Justice
    Opcat - Original Ses (Police In Helicopter)
    Shy Fx & Uk Apachi - Original Nuttah
    Skoobz - Soundclash
    Bladerunner - Leave Dem Alone
    Visionary Ft.King - Thousand Miles
    Dub Street - Skankin Dub
    Jacky Murda Ft.Ward 21 & Jason Sweetness - Ganja Fi Legal (Jacky Murda Rmx)
    Prizna - Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)
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    I'm guessin you aint the jump up producer DJ Pleasure

    RUSSLA Technique VIP Junglist

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    Yeah right that's a bit unlucky to have the same name as someone big in the game. Who was first to fame tho?

    Looks like a big selection tho Pleasure. Will grab a few of these (y)
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    you are correct, in fact I was about using this name before him, but tis all good, primarily he is jump up, I normally do house, and the occassional dnb and oldskool.

    have thought about changing name, but as established would cause a lot of issues/hassles and updating........the dj formerly known as.....lol