DRUM & BASS mix by WHIGHZEGUY (EXBC Podcast 130 p2)


May 6, 2003
Washington, DC
Latest DRUM & BASS mix by WHIGHZEGUY (EXBC Podcast 130 p2)


Track Listing

1. End In Tears- Axiom
2. Flawless- Chris Su & State of Mind
3. Frozen- Phace & Chook
4. Lust- Pacific
5. Crabman- Zero Method
6. Ephyra Remix- Dose
7. Valim Express- Menace, Dose, & Trei
8. Between The Lines- Phace
9. Lead The Way- Break
10. Inertia- Optiv
11. White Russian Remix- State of Mind
12. Less Than A Second- Pacific
13. Only Mortal- Quadrant
14. Nowhere To Run- Bulletproof & State of Mind
15. Rage & Rapture- Quadrant & Cease

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