Drum&Bass + Jungle for sale (not eBay)

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    Some drum n bass/Jungle for sale. For pricing and so on, please let me know what tune(s) you are interested and i will let you know. Mostly ranging from very good - excellent condition.

    For piece of mind here is my eBay feedback

    Eric Prydz Slammin Artificial Intelligence Remix
    John B It's so real/no one like you
    EZ Rollers back to love
    Mary J Blige dance for me 2 dnb bootleg remix
    drummagick can u dig it/checkmate
    zero tolerance cat fight calibre mix/beta2 &zero tolerance new dawn
    Artful Dodger - Ruff Neck Sound Dillinja mix


    Lemon d going gets tuff
    Firefox-Glamour Gold Bass Switch Philly Blunt
    ken ishii overlap lemon d remix
    mirage feel my dreams/personal
    Goldie kemistry grooverider mix/j majik your sound remix
    leon mar runnig/tha men who fell to earth
    Spirit Delusions/Mendacity Timeless Promo
    Adam F F Jam Vocal Mix Feat Conrad/Original Promo copy
    Subject 13 Spirit Breakdown/Can't wait tonight
    Xedos Subsonic/Mau/Sound ceased (Street beats Promo)
    Secrets Vol.2 Is is a dream (Street Beats Promo)
    the underwolves the crossing pt2 creative wax
    total science time step /split personality timeless
    funky technicians deltawave/deja vu cia
    sdr and subsonic paradise remix/way of life shoebox
    monolith final conflict monolinth
    funky technicians fever/the essence
    shogun pure alchemy pt1 discovery/wind dancer
    spinback and q project riker's island legend
    jazz juice detroit/back 2 back
    free hand-pure/i can't stop
    Roni size strictly social/scorpio ali ba ba
    roni size fashion/step up
    krust touch/roni size daylight
    future loop foundation conditions for living
    souljah rollin/come on
    lemon d i can't stop/changes

    Basement Records
    Natural Forces (3) - The Bassline Tune / The Solid Rock Tune (spotlight) basement recs sublabel
    jack n phil i like it remix
    jack n phil i like
    The Architex-Blueprint Basement Promo 50th release

    Bukem/Good looking records
    Futurebound sorrow/liquid groove (skanna)
    Source direct capital d/enemy lines
    blame logical progression level 2 3 vinyl (return to atlantis etc)
    points in time 4 3lp
    blu mar ten adrift on deep water/dj addiction senses
    looking back lp (missing vinyl 2 of a 3 vinyl set)
    subject 13 faith/funky technicians above and beyond
    universal groove therapy/live session
    future engineers rogue comet/changes in state
    Hieroglyphix-Destiny/Rhythm Is Back(Looking Good
    Appaloosa & DJ Dream-Night Train (Looking Good) Bukem
    q project the instrumental/solar system

    Moving Shadow
    jmj & flytronix in too deep blame remix/delusions pt2
    higher sense out there remix/everything remix
    aquasky dezires/images
    jmj &flytronix in too deep/delusions
    deep blue and blame transitions/re transitions
    aquasky tranquility/kauna
    hoax meltdown/pipe dreams
    Natural mystic slow waves/tension
    jmj universal horn/free la funk


    £2.20 1st vinyl, 50p each additional vinyl

    £3.20, £0.75 each additional vinyl

    £4.50, £1 each additional vinyl
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