Drum & Bass Insights: In-Reach talk to dBridge


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A few months back the In-Reach crew hit Horizon Festival and not only did we have the absolute time of our lives, we were given the opportunity to interview one of the most influential, highly respected, and forward-thinking figures within not only drum and bass, but underground dance music as a whole.

Darren White, otherwise known as dBridge, is a man that really has shaped the very foundations of the genre we love; Future Forces, Bad Company, the Autonomic series, his legendary imprint Exit Records… the list goes on. dBridge’s catalogue is unparalleled; inclusive of arguably one of the most loved drum & bass tunes of all time, ‘True Romance’, he’s also the architect of the emotive, and poignantly beautiful album, ‘The Gemini Principle’. It’s incontestable that dBridge has been, and is, central to a number of the pioneering movements that continually push drum & bass forward, be that through his collaborative projects, his solo work, or his label.

Needless to say, I was incredibly excited about the opportunity to interview dBridge, here’s how things went down…