Drum & Bass in south-east Asia?


So I'm heading to Thailand (among other SE Asia countries) and was hoping some of you may know about the drum & bass scene there.

Is there one? What about other electronic music aside from house, techno, and trance?
I'm gunna need some bass in my life, I'll be there for half a year.

I figure Bangkok would be the main place I would be able to find some underground music, but I'll also be in Chiang Mai.



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Expect to hear none and you won't be disappointed... that would be my opening piece of advice.

I've been travelling around SEA for 9 months and am now living in Vietnam; I've never heard drum and bass played apart from by myself, anywhere. I have however met a few heads here and there, so not all hope is lost!

With regards to House, Techno and Trance, you're more likely to run into these, but for the most part expect trap remixes of Justin Bieber songs and EDM bangers. SEA people have hideous taste in music, absolutely hideous and unfortunately there don't seem to be a vast number of people complaining, in fact I'd liken a lot of nights out to freshers week at Universities.

The one upside is that when you do stumble into a good venue / find a group of people who actually have taste it's a wonderful moment. Travelling has taught me that the majority of people on this planet will listen to just about anything, I feel bad for them...

Bangkok does have a good little club called 'Glow' however I'm yet to make it down. Chiang Mai is mostly utter paff, but there is a small reggae bar, a small little bit in the main 'party' place where they seem to play techno and a bar which does an live music night a few times a week, so there's stuff to check out.

I guess cities do tend to have small pockets of good music, but you have to either live there or know someone who does to really capitalize on it. Give me a shout if you're in Hanoi (Vietnam) - dom stanway-williams (facebook). I'll take yah too something decent!

Enjoy yah travels broooo x


That's really sad to hear. I was hoping for some underground vibes on the beach haha.
I think if I can find some psy or goa trance at the very least I'll be okay with that.
But as you said, I wont get my hopes up :(

I've stumbled across Glow online and it seems they've had a few dnb nights, nothing regular though.
Will definitely hit you up if I head to Vietnam, so far I just have a plane ticket and a job. Gunna land and figure it out from there.
Basically I'm backpacking and making a Western salary so I figure travelling anywhere on the weeks I have off will be easy and cheap.
Thanks for the tips Dom :)


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This is going back like 8 years ago so probably not relevant, but there was this dinjey little night club on Khoa San Rd in Bangkok that used to have Dnb Nights. there was only ever like 4 of us up there raving but it was a taste of home and good to hear familar music after all the above mentioned tacky techno shit for months on end. Same place was still going when I went back 2 years later. place was a dive, toilets were flooded, pvc on the walls.....was perfect. Good luck