drum & bass / hip hop sample cds ?

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    the new vision recordings crew have recently been working on a number of
    drum & bass and hip hop sample cds for various production companies world wide.

    we have now made special edition un-cut versions of these compilations available via ebay.

    both the drum & bass and hip hop cds contain over 150 44khz stereo royalty free samples including
    classic breakbeats, combination breaks, original kick drum, snare drum and hi-hat loops and fx breaks.

    classic breaks section contains original versions and edits of famous loops such as
    the amen, apache, humpty dumpty, angel, blazer, juice, null lines, some justice, tom & jerry etc...

    all kicks, snares and hi-hats used are from original in house custom kits.

    auctions are starting at a low price with 'buy now' options with each auction lasting for seven days.



    definatly worth checking out if your after some serious beats for your productions !


    gary nv