Drum & Bass Arena - who are Krome & Time?


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Taken from the latest email

"Krome & Time are fast making a name for themselves as serial purveyors of the old school junglist sound. 'The License' has already gained popularity through the remixes done by Break and The Serial Killaz, and now the original junglist vibes of Krome & Time take centre stage with this dancefloor maddening original mix.

The vocal samples from The Winston's 'Amen Brother' mixed with the choppy jungle drums and the horror movie soundscape break make for a tune that already sounds as though it could be a jungle classic.

On the flip 'Studio One Lik' brings more of an intense jungle vibe with a deeper bass and a faster drum beat whilst sticking to the tried and tested formula of an 'original badboy' vocal sample."

I cant even think of words to describe the stupidity