Drum & Bass Drum & Bass approved by Garith of TERMINUS! - 320kbps

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    A mix of new hipster drum & bass. Like the kind one would have heard at the drum & bass record store, breakbeatscience or... TERMINUS. You know, the walking dead episode. Had the show stayed at that location longer one would find out they were Hospital Record fans. That show always ends up killing off the best characters like Herchal, The Govenor, and now Garith of Terminus. Next thing you know the show will kill off Michonne, the rasta bad girl samauri junglist, the best "good guy" character.

    On an unrelated note: Hospital Records is all out of coffee cups... I want one. I can't even find a Team Sky, Pinarello, Underground Resistance, or Drum & Bass Arena coffee cup, geez... Coffee is so popular you'd think there would be more of a selection.


    01). Metrik "Human Again" (Hospital BE52369 NHS271T) 2014
    02). Keeno "Innocence" (Hospital Records / Med School Medic40LP) 2014
    03). Metrik "Resonate" (Hospital Records NHS262LP) 2014
    04). Royalston "Stalking Stones" (Hospital Records / Med School Medic39LP) 2014
    05). Kemal & Rob Data "Linear" (Timeless 019) 2002
    06). Royalston "Lunar" (Hospital Records / Med School Medic39LP) 2014
    07). Metrik "What's Out There?" (Hospital Records NHS262LP) 2014
    08). Kemal & Rob Data "Plan B" (Timeless 019) 2002
    09). Metrik "Slipstream" (Hospital BE52369 NHS271T) 2014
    10). Zinc "Show Me" (Rinse 20 - 003) 2014
    11). Digital "Archive" (ING Records Ingredientsuk041) 2014
    12). LTJ Bukem "Music (Technicolour Rework)" (Good Looking GLR081W) 2014
    13). Keeno "Out of Nowhere" (Hospital Records / Med School Medic40LP) CD 2014
    14). Keeno "Nocturne" (Hospital Records / Med School Medic40LP) 2014
    15). D Kay + Dj Lee "Manipulate the Universe" (Advanced SK5) 2003
    16). Fred & Grafix "Recognise" (Hospital NHS247T) 2014
    17). Keeno "Moonrise (Everyone has to Eat)" (Hospital Records / Med School Medic40LP) 2014
    18). Reso "Sprite city" (Hospital NHS248EP) 2014