Drum and Bass Remix about 2012


Ethnic DNB
Nov 6, 2010
Castellar de Nuch
2012 PROPHECY in Drum and Bass Remix

Hello this is my first post here jeje :2thumbs:
I have a desire to share great music with all of you...
I know it's hard to introduce and philosophically but: I think we need music that makes us think, but relaxation is not clear (in this track), the song that I bring is a work of a colleague of mine who has started in the rave music (underground).
One could say that is a ethnic dnb, there are sounds of didgeridoo and jew harp (and guitars)

Posterix - 2012 Quantum Leap

The song is draw us to the dilemma 2012 (the nice version of change in 21 december)
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