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Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by effect21, Jun 13, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    Please could you offer me some advice on getting hold of D&B promo's.

    At the moment I check promo releases on the SRD and ST Holdings websites - Are there any other distributors I should be checking? Do Vinyl Distribution still exist? Do they have a website?

    I then search for the tunes on ebay... Some people do take the piss on there though, the latest Ram promo (Sub Focus, Rock It) was going for £20 plus.

    I also check hardtofindrecords, redeyerecords, mirage2000 etc. All the other on-line record stores.

    Are there any people/sellers who specialize in promo distribution, e.g. by e-mailing DJ's regular lists etc??

    I know I should also visit the record shops but I'm too lazy!!

    Any help advice would be appreciated.
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    also the labels website do promo details. hospital deffo do
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    And to get ram promos you have to be on the promo subscription thing thats like 70 quid for the next ten yes?
    No other stores etc do ram promos? Because i got my pickett line promo from redeye (yes i know its frequency but isnt that still ram?)I emailed the guy from redeye to ask when the next ram promo should be comming in, and he infered that they would be getting them in last week. I checked every day and no luck.
    No other way of ensuring you can get ram promos other than subscribing?
    Missed out on rock it god damn, and i aint gonna pay ebay prices. Meh, ill wait a few more years for the album to come out :D