Drum and Bass production try.

When you mixdown start with the kick, get it peaking at -18, -15 something. Then bring up the snare to match, then bring up the low end, then the other elements in order of importance.
Try and make the reese more interesting, put your own stamp on it. You seem to have the melody side down on this one, it all works ok.
It sounds a little bit to overly compressed if you ask me, it's now 5 minutes of a wall of sound, you might want to bring in some more dynamic areas in the intro and breakdown. Otherwise still great sounds, although I think the reese could use some more modulation.
when ure just starting u should always think this 'if u dont understand it, u dont need to know it yet'

dont try n run b4 u can walk. it takes time and a lot of practice
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