DnB Drum and Bass "Power of Ra" Reese bass

The Stockbomb

The Stockbomb
Jan 17, 2012
Hi im relatively new to drum and bass production (started around 6 months back) i have made a few tracks and have been trying to make a "power of ra" type reese bass. I use Reason5 and usually produce my basses out of thor polythonic synthesisor any tips or tricks on how to help me create this specific sound?

Bit of an awkward question i know.

Thanks in advance for any help/time anyones willing to give in an answer :)
2 or more slightly detuned Saw's, filter modulations (automated and LFO), clever pitch bending + distortion, chorus, phazing...and lots of practice :)

there are allot of Reese tutorials on youtube
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