Drum and Bass Mix - November 2014 - Ray L - D&B DJ Studio Sessions

Hi All,

New mix for November....Please check it out and let me know if you enjoyed it:



1. Moodswings (Break Remix)by Gridlok, Dom & Roland
2. Still High (Original Mix) by Kove
3. Just Hold On VIP feat. Jenna G (Original Mix) by Kabuki
4. Defence (Original Mix) by Noel
5. Stay feat. James Sunderland (Original Mix) by Ulterior Motive
6. Onryo (Original Mix) by A.M.C
7. Scarabs (Original Mix) by Ed Rush
8. Bump in the Night (Audio Remix) by Dom & Roland
9. Inta-National (Original Mix) by Ulterior Motive
10. Ice Pipe (Original Mix) by Silent Witness
11. Sideways (Original Mix) by Ulterior Motive
12. Boxcar (Original Mix) by Ed Rush
13. Come On (Original Mix) by Command Strange
14. Too Deep (Original Mix) by Stone, Gerra
15. Lockdown (Original Mix) by Stone, Gerra
16. Eyes of Truth feat. Sylo (Original Mix) by Vegas, Maldini
17. Wizard (Original Mix) by Nphonix, Teddy Killerz
18. AK47 (Original Mix) by Subtension
19. Redeemer feat. Lucy (Original Mix) by Loki
20. Mean Streets (Original Mix) by Prolix
21. Burnin' (Original Mix) by Nphonix, Teddy Killerz