Drum and Bass Mix - dj Haste


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Jan 10, 2009
Drum and Bass Mix
44 tracks - 1:36:43 - One take - Played with Scratch Live


Do you like: Lady Royal
Hustler: Ego Trippin
Where's my money: TC
About time: Alter Ego
Sound Advice: Total Science
Jungle Jungle: Total Science
How it all Began: Vital elements
Get Closer (Rockers remix): Ben Westbeech
Lights Lock Off: D.BO General with Mickey Finn
Run away: Roughcut
Darling: Digital
Criminal Minded: Woodpacker
Rock Your Body: Drumsound & Bassline Smith
The Roof is on Fire: Future Prophecies
O.D.: Dieselboy & Demo
Ultimate seduction: Panacea
Machine March: Infiltrada & Define feat SPK
Ugly: Clipz
Raving Rudeboy: dj Picto
Pull Up: Jaydan
Lorg O mercy: Shabba D & Modified Motion
Bucket: Dele J
Push It Up: Clipz
Remain where you are: KG
Flatline: TC
Rave On: Future Prophecies
Harder: Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Take me Home: John B
Fucking on the...: Dirty Sanchez
Stompbox : The Qemists
Rockstar: TC
One Of Them: Limewax
Boomerang: Future Prophecies
Cheater Cheater: Original sin
Ra: Ebony Dubsters
Apocalypto: KG
Skank Nasty: Original Sin
Crucifix Lane: Aeph
Showers of Madnes: Queensyze
Keep everyone afraid: Markoman
Midnight Express: Dieselboy - Evol intent - Ewun
Back to your Roots: Johnny L feat SuperFly 7
Based On: Enei

Hope y'all like it...
Here is also a breaks mix i made...

Breaks mix
35 tracks - 1:43:52 - One take - Played with Scratch Live


Ghost licker: Break The Box
Work It: dj Alex Kidd
Knobbers: Crookers
Rude Boi: Heavy Feet Ft Peyote MC
FunkBox: B-Phreak
Dance With Me (Switch remix): Ben WestBeech
Don't Stop the Music (Switch Remix): Bugz in the Attic
Return to squirrel Mountain: Jacob london
Mars: Fake Blood
Sexo Perfecto: Supabeats ft Ask
Spycatcher: Herve & Drop the lime
How Y'all like me now: Detboi & Toddla T
Follow Me: Ercola ft Annie
I Don't: Defunckt!
12 Inch Therapy (Bass Kleph): Robb G
Bad Girl (At Night): Dave Spoon ft Lisa Mafia
Skip: Scanone
Basik Rockin: Si Begg
Aint Nuthin (Suck it out): Spinn.Kidd
Funk As Rotator: Kraak & Smaak ft Ro Krom
Stand Up: Curtis B
Break Ya neck: Jaimie Fanatic
Direct Hit: Beat Assasins
Roll Out: Ludacris
Tamborzao Con Scratchy: Mc Gringo & Count of Monte Cristal
Tamborzuda (rave new world rmx): Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal
Jugs: Sinden & Detboi
Drop it to the floor: Herve, Sinden & fake Blood
Black Truck: Pro7
Doom's Night: Stanton Warriors
Drink Untill She's Beautiful: Wrongstars
Big Ass Mini Skirt: The Body Snatchers
Take The Weight: Plump DJs
Trough A Keyhole: Walter Meego
Wake Up EP: Les Petits Pilous

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