[Drum And Bass] Ignis WIP - I really need some feedback on this one, please!


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Only listening on my phone so can only comment how it sounds on that. The drop sounds a little lost? With bleed from the intro kinda killing the impact. Also the synth that comes in, in the 16th bar after the drop sounds a little lost and could do with some more hi end. But like I say that's what it sounds like on my phone :)
I'll try and give a little feedback, hopefully it will help. I think the drums need a little more oomph. The kick and snare perhaps a little more prominent in the mix. The dop probably needs to hit home a lot more after the buildup. Personally I would simplify the notes used in the drop, it needs to be a little easier for the listener to follow along, if that makes sense!


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I agree the drums seem to be low in the mix and i think it's to do with a compressor you didn't set up quite right. set it only on the hihats and then put overdrive and saturation on the rest of the drums. see i been thinking. your tune made me think and let me say to you what I was thought, see when your tune goes into downtempo it's good again. and the intro is good, thick synthy illbient, so thats a good point. and so is the downtempo bit, because those styles are kind of free to sound however they want, whereas a drum and bass tune has to sound a certain way, you can be as weird and wonderful or something, abstract, atmospheric, idm, jazzy, housey, whatever you like, but the drums has to punch hard and the bass has to be fat, doesn't matter if it's just recordings of the rainforest and a 909 hi hat, when it drops it simply has to be heavy in certain aspects, this is what's expected of dnb. don't know of any sub genre that doesn't have that.
generally you are clearly talented, and for having been at it for such a short time, it's rad. Anyway answer my damn message