Drum and bass from 1996-97

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Mar 12, 2002
Here is a list of Drum and Bass from 1996-97 which i have for sale. Please make me an offer on the tunes you want, a reasonable one please! Money only!

You can pay cash, postal order or cheque (made payable to Steve Browne).

Please email me first at little_toad@mail.com to check availibilty. Some records have 'x2' next to them which means i have two copies of the same tune. Inlude the tunes you want, your address and payment method.

Overseas customers please e-mail me to ask about shipping costs.

No swaps!


BUMP AND SWAY - Shit's Real (BS001)

T.HOGAN - Tommy Hill/DJ Ron (Pimp001)

DANNY BLADES - Rat Bastard/Funky Squad (Smokers Inc 12-7)

RIDDIM TRACK - Blaze Dis One (Riddium)

TERMINAL OUTKASTS - Personal Vibes/Glitch In System (Frontline 024)

MODEL & HLS - Tense/Recognise (Sophisticated Underground Sounds)

WHITE LABEL (Tatu 001)

B JAM - Col' Rock Stuff/Player Hater (Somkers Inc 12-2)

INC VOL 1 - Once Again/Taste The Funk (Smokers Inc 12-1) x3

ORIGINAL VIBES - Raw Deal/Silent Moods (Active Records 12)


DJ RAP - Saxuality (Unique Musik 001)

THIRD COMING - SCI/Blazer (Groove Attack)

BIM SHERMAN - Can i be free from crying?/Life (Mantra Promo)

THE X - Bad Feeling/Listen Close (Jump Up 003)

THE MAD DOG REFLEX - Liquid Crack (Chemical Honey)

DOPPELGANGER - Days Gone (Mind The Gap 00231)

SUB SEQUENCE - Danger/Distance (Too'z Up)

DA PUNX - Punx 9 (Brain Progrssion Ltd Edition TOG005)

NTT - Bad Strawberry EP (Intergral Recordings)

JHQ - Get Down/Go (Basement Classics)

SEIJI - Close Encounters (Adelphoi Records 01)

SMOKEY JOE - Freestyle (Smokers Inc 12-3)

G MONEY - I Understand/Pappa Rock (Intergral Recordings)

SONAR CIRCLE - Fresh/Checkmate (Reinforced)

ELEMENTS OF NOISE - Torch/Mephisto (Smokers Inc 12-5)

THE JB - Rockin With The Best (Back 2 Basics)

KUMO - Armed Response/Hubble Eyes (Psychomat 12)

SWIFT - Frequency/Slam (Sour 037)

AUSTIN M - Covert/Sax Lick (Channel 5)

DJ SAPPO - Lawnmower Man (24 Karat Records)


DJ RON - Benjamin Franklins (London Something Records 008)

TDK - Rythm & Rymes (Sub Base Ltd TOG 006)

POO:A/B - ? (Groove Attack)

ULTRAVIBE - The Future/Gimme Some (Back 2 Basics) x2

TT TWISTER - Buds Big Dive (Gyration008)

NEO - Progressor/Knowledge (Flex)

ROCKERFELLA - As We Do (Pimp 004)

ROLL DAT SHIT - Co-Cain Rmx/Joker Rmx (Runninz Records)

EASTCOASTER - Vol 2 (Eco 002) x2

MATRIX - Fluid Motion (New Identity Records 04)

BLIM - Money/Padded Room (Emotif 14)

MODEL & HLS - Trooperz (Sophisticated Underground Sounds 04)

HEAVYWEIGHT - Oh Gosh Rmx/Solitaire/Infinity (Channel 5)

WHITE LABEL - Rez Evil (Evil 1)

FUTURE FORCES INC - Cold Fusion (Renegade Hardware 06) x2

A SIDES - Calibre/Wake Up (East Side 12)

RAINBOW COUNTRY - Its U/Live 2gether (Etheric Records)

JONNY C - Shadow/Movement (Hard Plastic Ltd)

POWER SUPPLY - Iron Weed/Red Weed/Liquid Weed (Gyration)

CYBORGZ - The Block/Escape/Interface (Smooth 07)

KINETIX - The Stalking Moon (Nocturnal)

DE ELITE VOL 2 - Good To Go (A-KO Records)

S MAN - Turn It Up ( $ Formation Records 001)

DJ A SIDES - Into Exsistence (Cluded 1) x2

NEO - Provider/Zone (Flex) x2

WARFARE - Species 1/2 (Gyration 04)

PROMO - (Dubshck 002) x2

CAPTIVE - Abstract Era (Flavour Vinyl 005)

FACS - Lessons/Times Out (Smokers Inc/FACS 002) x2

WRIGGLER - Nu Lick (Upfront Recordss 007)

G MONEY - Falling/Timebomb (Integral Recordings)

THIRD COMING - Blazer (Broove Attack)

WRGGLER - We Control The Sound/Knowedge (Sophisticated Underground Sounds)

SKIP - Hardcore Rebel/Seduce Me (Active Records11)

TORQUE - Proton/Torque (Plate 001 No U Turn Records)

EMBEE - Get Funky In The Place/Sweetback (Juice)

WATTON 6 - Transition/Adrift (Vext 001)

SOILDERS - Metronome/Destiny (Mac 2)

WRIGGLER - Squeeze The Trigger/Style (Upfront Records 008)

NOTORIOUS - Action/Hard drive (Macca Records) x2

DOM & OPTICAL - Quadrant 6/Concrete Shoes (Moving Shadow 111) x2

A SIDES & COOL HAND FLEX - After dark/Uptown (East 07)

FIJIT - Velocity/Rouge (Fijit 001)

ELEMENTZ OF NOIZE - Neon/Instinct (Emotif 13) x2

DJ WACKO, BIZZY B, SMOKEY JOE - Scarred For Life Rmx's (Beeswax 1R)

DEEJAY TEEBONE - Wishbone EP (Riddim Tracks 006)

TIC - Controlled Explosion/Able (Second Movement Records 28)

VOL 08 - Nu Music/Garms (Runninz Records)

COD - Riot In London (Pursuit Records)

D'CRUZE - The Funk/Bitch (East Side 09)


For confirmation that i am a sound trader go here http://freespace.virgin.net/shaun.labnetik/traders-home.html

I am a good trader under hte name Toad as i do regular deals on the forums at www.bangingtunes.com Thanks
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