Drum and Bass Duo from Perth, WA

Hi guys!
Just recently jumped onto this site! We have also just recently dug our way back into dnb mixing with maybe a few productions on the way! taking a break from house and trap and getting serious! Volume 1 of our new 'Into the Abyss' Series was released last weekend! Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/jukez/massive-drum-bass-mix-2014-into-the-abyss-volume-1-hq

Our dream is to be Djing in festivals one day, we have been more producing that mixing but starting to do a lot more of both! We are signed for another 2 years on a french electro label called Jade Recordings, a branch of Momix Records for our remix of this song here : https://soundcloud.com/jukez/sh-dow-arnaud-m-jukez-n-hazard

Hit us up for collabs and chat!
Many Thanks!
Jukez 'n' Hazard