[Drum and Bass] Blasek - Amnesia

Some nice sounds, i found it a bit confusing, quite an energetic break with some nice filtering in the intro and the breakdown and then it drops in to a more a minimal style. I was expecting a drop that is gonna have really nice full drums and then it didn't. Like the vocals and the synths not too sure about those drums. Overall i like it though good work!
I put this on while I was browsing through some folders on my pc. and I actually didn't notice any differences between this tune and some "proffesional" tunes by established artists.

So very nice job on this one! But while listening to this again I think the second drop needs to be fresher, delivering something new. plus, the break could have a stronger build.
Justg a few minor points on a track I already find very good.
Thanks for replys! I totally agree that the second drop should bring a something new.. And drums needs something more on there. Nice if you like it! :)
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