Drum and Bass albums of 2009


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Mar 27, 2008
Props to my mate funktion for these, not my effort. Thought the heads might find this list interesting.

Some of these albums have been released already.

Noisia (Summer 09) (Vision)
Johnny L (Winter) (Mr L)
Resound (Horizons)
Sub Focus (Ram)
V/A Critical Sound Vol 2 (Critical)
V/A - Acts of Madmen (Spring 09) (Viper)
Klute (Commerical Suicide)
V/A Family LP (Formation) (part 1 out 12th January)
John B - Turn me on (March) (Beta)
ILL Logic & Raf (Bingo)
TC (December) (D Style)
Macc & dgoHn (March) (Subtle Audio)
Vicious Circle & Universial Project (feb 09) (Universal Circle)
Mistabishi - Drop (early March) (Hospital)
Polska (Subtle Audio)
Sabre (Critical)
V/A Moodswings 2 (Mid 09) (Spearhead)
Total Science (CIA)
Baron (Fall of 09) (Breakbeat Kaos)
Matrix+Futurebound (mid 09) (Viper/Metro)
ASC - The Astral Traveller (Covert Operations)
Commix - Recall to mind (Feb 09) (Metalheadz)
Artificial Intelligence (V Recordings)
Bachelors of science (early 09) (Horizons)
Breakage (Digital Soundboy)
Survival (Exit)
Chook (Full Force)
Icicle (Shogun)
Calibre (Downtempo LP) (Signature)
Lynx (Soul:R)
V/A Album (Fokuz)
Horizons music - Internal affairs lp (Horizons)
Ed rush & optical (Virus)
Horizons music - Dreamthief 2 (horizons)
Mathematics - Fire LP - (Social Studies)
Alaska & Paradox - Isolationist LP - (Esoteric)
Loxy & Resond - Burning Shadows (3 x EPs) - (Cylon)
Cyantific (Hospital)
The Dying Punks - Kings Of The Warehouse LP -
Young Ax - Higher Grounds - Santorin
Fanu (Lightless)
Current Value (Tech Freak)
Loxy - Allies LP (RH)
Alix Perez (Autumn) (Shogun)
V/A Album (Digital Soundboy)
V/A - Kings Of The Rollerz LP - (31 Records)
Mayhem - Into Oblivion - (Shadow Law)
Electrosoul System (Kos Kos Music)
DJ Fresh (Breakbeat Kaos)
Lemon D (fall 09/10) (Valve)
Seba (Paradox Music)
Ink & Perpetuum - Hard Souls Lp - (Colours Audio)
Shy FX (Digital Soundboy)
V/A - Propaganda LP (Counter Intelligence)
Brookes Brothers (Breakbeat Kaos)
Loxy - Alies (?)
Concord Dawn - ? - Uprising or V/A - LP - (Uprising)
State Of Mind - Faster Than Light LP (early 2009) - (SOM)
Rufige Kru - Memoirs of An Afterlife - Metalheadz (Digital Only)
V/A Metalheadz - Presents HeadzHunterz PT 2 - (Metalheadz)
Instra:mental (?)
Blu Mar Ten (?)
ICR - Something About Nothing (Misspent Music)
The Qemists "Join The Q" (Ninja Tune) - Feb 09
Enei & implex - lp [respect records russia]
Medicin - lp [formation records]
VA - lp [kos.mos.music russia]
Counterstrike - Collaboration


Sub Focus anyone?
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Jun 7, 2008
This one is coming along very nicely let me tell you. Got some huge tunes already in the bag from Matrix & Futurebound, Metrik, DC Breaks, Krooked & Body N Soul, Nero, Furlonge.. and a couple filthy remixes in the works, amongst others. Looking big if I don't say so myself :D

That excites me delightfully on this, the day of my daughters wedding.:D


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Mar 27, 2008
Shy Fx, Breakage, Noisia and Lemon D are one of the standout albums for me in this list

I love Noisia and Breakage is also a quality artist- (Together, So Vain, etc)
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Apr 6, 2009
HMV. Not the best selection but it's a start. if you want really eclectic stuff tho it is gonna be the net im afraid...unless you live somewhere with loads of wicked little record shops, like london or another big city!


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Mar 27, 2007
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Logistics supposed to have a new album out this year? Might just be a mate of mine chatting breeze but it's supposed to be called 'Twisted Logic' or something.

There have been rumours. Nothing confirmed yet unless I am mistaken
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