Drouble Drop- Passing By ( Dub Bananez REMIX )

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    Drouble Drop- Passing By ( Dub Bananez REMIX )


    LISTEN TO REMIX HERE: http://soundcloud.com/dub-bananez/drouble-drop-passing-by-dub

    This song was writen by Double Drop; an artist on our Record Label. Double Drop is a live band playing real instruments in real time to create a real movement. They are 7 musicians who together write music you would usually expect from a computer based producer. Their shows are a unique experience, each track flowing seamlessly into the next as if they were the slickest of DJ’s. Please give the origional a listen.

    LISTEN TO ORIGIONAL HERE: http://soundcloud.com/indajunglerecordings/sets/double-drop-double-drop-ep/