Dropping the obligatory howdy!


Loves a good beat
I'm a Computer Security Engineer who spends his 'RL' penetration testing the networks and computers of corporate fatcats who will never understand you can't secure a network if your password is your birthdate, and all of the firewalls in the world don't make a difference if your password is posted on your monitor (and other fun stuff like that).

I started coding in assembler, pascal and C at 10 (1983 - no old guy jokes =P). The first thing I did with it was make the computer play music. Since then I've been mixing and producing in my 'spare time', whatever that is. From tracker software, to turntables, CD decks, mp3 mixing, I've done it all.

My current favorites are Native Instruments Traktor which is excellent for mixing and Fruity Loops 7 which works great for production. I have an old version of Acid laying around somewhere and a mass of VST plugins because you never know when you're going to need 500 orchestral sounds for that project right? On the hardware end I'm still using a good old DJM600 mixer and a pair of Technics SL1200 MKII tables alongside the Khaos pad and a CDJ1000. I need to get a new headset as my Sony pair has been thoroughly abused. My vinyl collection is sorely out of date (reads pre 2000) but I've kept up with the CDs (mostly).

Fast forward to now, I work too much, am married and have three children. I was moving data around and ran across a batch of old tracks, and decided to work up a few new ones. I haven't produced in 5 or 6 years, I mostly spend my music time mixing DnB tracks for SecondLifers or the occasional RL party when I can hook that up. Mixing in SecondLife has it's advantages because I can hang out in my house and get wasted with the wife while I make money, and no drunk driving tickets.

Anyhow to wrap this up your forum looked like a sweet place to hang and share ideas and music, so here I be. I look forward to making a few friends (hopefully no enemies).

I'm out - peace.