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Hello Everyone,

It is time to give you guys a full update on what to expect from Drop on Request Recordings in the near future.

First up and as previously mentioned, the 005 (Marcas: dream era/fool) should be on promo in the next couple of weeks and sees the debut of yet another Belgium producer, Marcas. We are very honoured to be the first ones to release any of his songs, and hope you guys will like them as well.
Check this out if you are into your duby & liquid tunes!!!



Following the Marcas release, we have a split 12” by D.Wolf & T.Snake and Qbit.

D.Wolf & T.Snake are a mysterious new kru from the south pacific and have tunes forthcoming on Habit & Outbreak Recordings, and have gained popularity with DJ’s such as BC UK, Dylan, The Upbeats & Chris.Su.
On the flip side, Belgium producer Qbit returns to DOR with a tune called Jackdaw. Jackdaw has been in the bags of DJ’s such as Muffler, Rascal & Klone &Unknown Error for a while now, and will finally be available on vinyl.



Check our web site for more info and contact details,

Thank’s for listening

Walex & Woodrow:spliff: