drop bass&vanna pressure clip inside

WOW is all i have to say about this tune :O

it's tracks like this that make you realise how shit the drum & bass scene is right now.... if only more producers could be this creative...

i have to tell you, this tune has hurt me... i dont think i have heard anything this inspiring for many years.... im truly lost for words!!!

i want to keep in contact with you guys... do you use msn messenger or anything similar???

:lighter: :lighter: :lighter:
i do think there is room for improvement on the technical side of things though... the structure of the track (while excellent).. can be a little repetitive, with no new elements being added in the latter half of the tune. Also i think the drums sound a little bit mechanical and not quite human...

It might just be the low quality clip... but the vocals sound a bit dodgy... as if they've been recorded on a low quality dynamic microphone...... really need a good condensor mic there. Also, might just be the clip again, but they sound a little flat... def need some high EQ boosting (about 5khz... but watch for sibilance)... and definately some delay and reverb... they just need to blend with the tune a bit more, they sound quite tacked on atm.

Also... some editing of the vocal phrases... at the moment it sounds like just a single recording session.. where the vocalist just freestyled many parts... coming and going as she pleased.. and then that's what's made it into the track. I def think the structure of the vocals needs to be looked at.. for example.. i think all the vocals between 4:07 and 4:26 should have been cut out completely... this would have given the listener a chance to concentrate on the actual song for a while, and also would have made the break much nicer when it came in.

But still... overall this tune is :love::love::love::love: i desperately want to remix this!
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No complaining here a perfectly crafted piece of tunage. ;)
Really like that kind of modal feel to it.
Yeah the vocals are great but as affliction said some of the vocals are taking up space where you could be listening to the instrumental and synth parts.
Keep up the good work :D
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