DreamVibeRadio, Mulder live today


May 9, 2007

With the station just about to embark on it's first day of broadcasting live shows, we thought we would have a Pre run of shows to let the raving public know who we are and hopefully come through broadcasting at the end of the day with know problems.

We hope you can tune in and join up on the forum and check the site out. We are still in development of the site and as we grow as a station so will the line up and site itself. We have some great ideas, from interview shows and special live broadcasts form events as well as the best in competition prizes.

Line up Sunday 11th January

2-3 Scott Devotion (Devoted Recordings)
3-4 DJ Rushtex GBH Records
4-5 DJ Sound
5-6 Last of the Mohican's
6-7 Jay Hecttech (Hecttech Records)
7-8 Mulder (Urban Takeover) DnB
8-10 Ramos , Punch,Geos &Scandal
10-11 Hotchkiss (Notorious Records)
11-12 DJ Adrenalin

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