Dreamscape XX – XXI @ the Brayfield Air Park Northants 1996 (+ List of Shame)

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Dec 3, 2010
Me & me m8 Daniel Martland had downed a whole bottle of vodka b4 we even got there, as we knew they would search us for drugs on the door. When we arrived the queue was massive and it took a full 2 hours of waiting in it b4 we even got to the searching area where there were discretion boxes to throw away drugs before entering the rave.

We had no drugs on us, but we still had to take off our shoes and were frisked by security :cops: before getting the all clear to enter. When in – the main stage had happy hardcore bangin out, there was also a techno tent, and a jungle tent. Dan thought the happy hardcore was a bit cheesy, and insisted the jungle room was full of crack heads and coked up people, so we spent most of the night in the techno tent, which was probably boomin out a load of Clarkee, Scorpio, HMS, Loftgroover and the DJ The Producer from what I can remember (I can’t remember where he liked to put the “The”, but it used to be critical for the MC to announce him properly, or he would flip a mental and ignite his vinyl on the dance floor or something like that (or more likely he would walk off in a huff).

I recon the crowd there was 20,000 strong, and I even saw someone had an E that he took out of his wallet in front of me in the techno tent, however all me and Dan had was a bottle of poppers (amyl nitrate) to sniff, cos that’s all that was on sale.

List of shame for not supplying any drugs in there:

Carl "the thief" Nickeverything
Moss "Mugger" Pilchards
Andrew "the gob" Jackson (worthless dropout and bum)
Dr Evil Zuba (Brains of the operation)



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Apr 7, 2006
im pretty certain that none of those people would appreciate you listing their names in a story about drug dealing.

moskit, take a break man.
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