Drum & Bass Dream State ~ Night 1 (Data, Loxy, Indigo, ASC, dBridge)

The Watcha

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Interesting tracklist draws me in. The selection is right up my street at the moment

Wicked intro with Tapeworm. Still right up there with my favourite Data tunes. Would have liked to hear Sepia come in after the second 32 bar loop in the first section of Tapeworm, but wow, Sepia slipped right through the radar. What a tune. Enjoyed hearing League Of Shadows again, but not a fan of using the intro for the drop. Love that Depths tune, tribal elements with wishy washy shakers are very pleasing on the ears. Enemy Within - Injustice mix was nicely put together with Riya's sweet vocals over the top of the crunchy ticking drum beats in Enemy Within. Cudo's for mixing in Ayahuasca how you did. I find that intro unmixable, so mix it from the drop & bring it in at the end of a 32 bar loop through the tune. Not heard Heirship either & really like the abrupt drum beats with drifting atmosphere in the background. Gotta to say, someones caning through the tunes on Code Of Honour cd's. Slowroll - Ceaseless - Snow Wolf all rolled pretty effortlessly together. Not What You Want was a nice tail end to the mix as well.

Choice selection & tight mixing. Would have like tunes to come in a bit sooner in the mix in all but a few mixes + the tunes to minutes ratio is a bit on the sparse side. Try to aim for 11 tunes in 30 minutes instead of letting every tune play almost to the outro. But don't substitute quantity for quality
Safe for the listen and feedback man. Yeah love that first mix, Sepia is some sick shit. I like the intro to league of shadows, jungle fx and all. Depths is a BAD tune free aswell!

The Ayahuasca mix was a bit of a fluke tbh had another tune in there to start with then decided to throw it in and it worked!

Caining the Code of Honour cd due to not having many tunes of this ilk in the collection at the moment.

Only just caught this and have now taken the mix off soundcloud but here's a mediafire link for anyone else who wants a go.....