Radio Dracz - 1st Posting!! (at least im here now)

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    Yo, thanks for checking my post out... lil introduction in order!!!

    My names Dracz, been mixing jungle drum n bass for a long time now! Contributing to the scene as much as i can, had many good nights and stories to tell.... believe lol

    Been on radio for a number of years as well, many guest slots on pirate station n also had my own shows on UK's Finest 87.5fm and Manic FM

    Currently on every sunday 5-7pm GMT (thats UK time ppl), on channel 4 (thats the DnB channel ;) )
    Dont forget to lock in and send it your shouts live n direct n spread that word... heres the link...

    Heres a past show so u can get a feel of my show...
    (also search 'Dracz' on youtube for other sets)

    here a studio set for u with Smoke MC -
    (i kno, lil old.... new mix comin very soon!!)

    everyone stay blessed... peace love n unity!!