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mad scientist

Jul 11, 2004
I was checking out the packs on loopmasters and downloaded one of the free samples to try it out. when i play the loop back on recycle, it sounds fine, but when i put it in reason using dr rex loop player, it plays the loop but before it loops over, there is a rewind/whoosing sound at the end of the clip. how does one avoid that? is that happening only because its a free sample? if i purchase the download pack, will that sound not be a factor?



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Apr 28, 2008
Essex, UK
hmm not sure about that one, if its a normal rex file then u shouldn't get any probs with it, are you sure the reverse thing isn't part of the loop itself? eitherway load up the loop in the dr rex player, then press "to track" (next to "preview" although make sure that the dr rex is also selected on the main sequencer window) then just go into the rex pattern on the sequencer (using the edit function or u should just be able to double click the clip to go inside it) and have a look at the individual slices,

the part where u think its maknig that noise, try removing those slices, just have a play about re-arrangeing the other slices, its fun doing that with the dr rex anyways :D


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Oct 26, 2008
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Sounds to me like the number of bars has been set wrong when the loop was Recycled in the first place.
The loop itself is shorter than what the number of bars has been set to thus it compensates by reversing part of the loop to make it fit.
If you have Recycle (or whatever) then you can change it yourself by adjusting the number of bars etc.
Failing that, just use the portion of the loop thats okay in the way that Ketz suggested


Actually, I just read your message properly (sorry), if it's okay in Recycle, could it simply be the tempo that you've set your track to in Reason?
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