Dr. Ophalus's Multiple Choice...


Dr. Ophalus

I'd like to play you lot another tune, should it be:

A. Grimey Amen

B. Jumpy Oddness

C. Rough Breaks

Voting shall start from the time of this post until I feel like it, you got a problem with that? :piss:

jay walker

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Dr. Ophalus said:
Obviously you all have a problem. What is it? How hard is to press A, B, or C? Maybe you'll to cool to play games eh?

:gun: :rambo: :sick: :missile: :sniper: :antitank:
Hehe, Its a demo forum bruv, not a gaming zone! ;)

Hmmm, Im a fan of anything jumpup an also like heavy-ass breaks, so hit us wid B or C, fook it, why not put clips of all 3? :confused:
Itll show your diversity as a producer - I always switch styles on the tracks I post here, a jump-up track (Whirlygig), summin Dark (Beneath the Surface), then a bit more rolling (All Seeing Eye). :gpeace: