Download Video Files Via Facebook

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    Download Video Files Via Facebook

    Facebook doesn't allow you to download video's. What happens when you upload your video's is that they are converted to a "Flash" format (vs. the .mov/.wmv/.avi/etc format they are in when you upload them) to be played within their "Flash" player to make larger videos viewable to people w/slower connection speeds. That doesn't prevent Facebook from providing the option to download, that is their own choice.

    So, the basic answer is no, you can't do it.

    Now, if you're using (or know someone who does) the Firefox web browser - there is an option available to you. Firefox has extensions/add-on's that can be installed within the browser to give it extra features...and there is an extension that will allow you to download & convert the "Flash" based Facebook videos back to a format that can be viewed on your computer.

    The only 'catch' is that some people are not able to download their own videos....someone on your Friends list (with Firefox and this extension) may have to do this for your videos. Maybe a family member...or you can create another Facebook account, add the new one to your friends list, and download the videos using that then delete the new account. Point is, you may not be able to download your videos logged into your account.

    In any case, this quick tutorial assumes you are using a Windows based PC:

    1. Get Firefox ( )'ll be happier with it than IE anyway. Sorry, had to put that in there. :)

    2. After you have installed Firefox, open it and install the GreaseMonkey add-on by visiting this link:

    Once you successfully add it, you'll see a little monkey head on the bottom right hand side of the Firefox browser. It's cute. lol

    3. Visit the following site which contains the Facebook Video script which will add a download link to all Facebook videos.

    You install the script by clicking the "Install Now" button on the upper right hand side of the page.

    That's it. You're done.

    4. Go to the Facebook video you want to download, you'll see a download and a convert link have been added (remember, if it is your own video & you're logged into your account, you may not see the links - start with a friends video to get an idea).

    5. Download the video, it will download as a .Fla file.

    6. Visit to convert the file to a VIDEO format your media player will recognize.

    7. You have your video's back...burn them to a CD/DVD so you don't have to do this again unless you want to. lol

    Good luck.
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    "Go to the Facebook video you want to download, you'll see a download and a convert link have been added "

    where are these links located? I dl-ed the app and the vid script but I can't find the links, even on friends' videos
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