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Aug 24, 2008
Liverpool / London / Toronto

As eclectic as it is accomplished, Shock One shows off the unique musical swerve and robust engineering skills, for which he has garnered quite a reputation. This EP simply rocks all corners of the dance floor, giving a glimpse of the talents within the fresh sound of Shock One.

From the electro synthetics and progressive stabs of ‘Polygon’, which feature the vocal talents of Reija Lee, to the skanking breaks and rasping vocals of ‘Chronic’ with MC Spyda, the Aussie hotshot wastes no time in setting the tone.

Keen to harness different elements and directions into his productions Shockers collaborates with his buddy Phetsta & label mate Metrik, on the old skool tearout of ‘True Believer’ which has been murdering any dancefloor in its way. Flipping the script yet again, ‘Adichigahara's Theme’ also combines musical beauty with brutal tech production on this dubstep journey for both your mind and your waistline!

With the best of the best in DnB & other genres all over this project, this is another taster of the Aussie assassin’s gargantuan talents.

Download the whole EP for only £2.49 (includes all 5 tracks). Hurry before the offer ends this monday, 06th April 2009!
Shock One - Polygon (Feat. Reija Lee)
Shock One - Chronic (Feat. MC Spyda)
Shock One - True Believer (Ft. Metrik and Phetsta)
Shock One - Adachigahara's Theme
Shock One - Polygon (Feat Reija Lee) (Radio Mix)
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Jun 15, 2003
My favourite EP this year so far for as little as that?! BARGAIN!!!!! Get downloading!!!!!!!!!!
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