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    Hello everyone,

    Here is the latest installment of the kemet fm drum and bass show which is hosted by Soul Intent and myself Phil Hustle.

    On this weeks show we had dbAudio down for a chat about there forthcoming releases and a little 40 min guest mix also later in the show dRamatic was on the phone for a little chat as well !!

    Also we featured some of our favourite tracks at the min ;)

    Download - http://dnbshare.com/download/Kemet26_1_SoulIntent_PhilHustle_dRamatic_dbAudio.mp3.html


    Octane, DLR & TC1 - The Jazz Club (Dispatch)
    Heavy1 - Millers (Samurai)
    Skeptical - Could This Be (31 Recs)
    Meth & Genotype - Wray (Temah)
    Mr Foul - Rude Power Town


    Data - Compassion (Metalheadz)
    Pessimist - Abstract (Ingredients)
    Amoss - Last Minute (Horizons)

    dbAudio Interview

    dbAudio In The Mix

    Random Movement - Angry Drumz
    Phat Playaz - Fact of the Unknown
    Furney - Dont Tell Me
    Side 1 - Ready For Love
    Paul SG feat Grimm - Beautiful Day
    dRamatic & dbAudio - Rolling Times
    dRamatic & dbAudio - Fragments of the Past
    Furney - Intruder
    Villem - Inflated Tear (Madcap Remix)
    Furney - Beautiful to Me


    dRamatic on the phone

    Baron - At The Drive In (Breakbeat Kaos)
    Die - Ghetto Bizness (Clear Skyz)


    Jem One - Project 5
    Ulterior Motive - Frozen Sky
    Amit feat Rani - 9 Times (Commercial Suicide)
    Digital - Rubber Demon (Temah)

    Hope u enjoy the show and dont forget you can tune in to us live every wednesday night on 97.5 FM (In Nottingham)

    Or you can stream via the interweb using the following links

    www.975kemetfm.com (Internet explorer only works on here at the moment)

    http://www.shoutcast.com/shoutcast_...lay_status=1&stn=97.5 Kemetfm Continuous Jamz