Drum & Bass Double Plus - Nomads

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    Aug 8, 2015
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    Just finished my latest track and would love to get some feedback on both the production and mixing :) This track is heavily inspired by the old Renegade Hardware sound.

    I often struggle with turning a loop into a complete track, but I think by pushing myself to actually finish something I really learned a lot.
    I used a Korg Volca bass to record the bass, and then resampled it inside Studio One.
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    Oct 13, 2014
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    sounds dark and funky man, I like it! Good clarity of the percussion/drums and synths.
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    So are you recording the bass and then sampling it?
    This may help you with your loop problem. Don't write a single loop. Write a bunch of loops. Switch keys go up or down minor thirds do what makes you happy, but try out multiple bass lines that you like. Then arrange the song.
    First Bar, Normal loop
    Second Bar, Normal Loop
    Third Bar, augmented loop
    Fourth Bar, augmented loop that brings back to the first
    Repeat, but on the fourth bar make it even different.
    Another thing to try is find a non-drum and bass track and put it in your daw. Make sure you like the bass line, and follow what they did. This technique really help me find the flow of bass lines.

    The fx you are using really carry the song, remember to keep this skill.

    Drums need a lot of work. Beef up that kick and snare, and use a shaker every once in awhile. The bongo hits are not doing the trick.