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    Why do you spurt and sprottle
    like that, bunny?
    Why should I want to throttle
    you, bunny?

    Yes, bunch yourself between
    my knees and lie still.
    Lie on me with a hot, plumb, live weight,
    heavy as a stone, passive,
    yet hot, waiting.

    What are you waiting for?
    What are you waiting for?
    What is the hot, plumb weight of your desire on me?
    You have a hot, unthinkable desire of me, bunny.

    What is that spark
    glittering at me on the unutterable darkness of your eye, bunny?
    The finest splinter of a spark
    that you throw off, straight on the tinder of my nerves!

    It sets up a strange fire,
    a soft, most unwarrantable burning
    a bale-fire mounting, mounting up in me.

    'Tis not of me, bunny.
    It was you engendered it,
    with that fine, demoniacal spark
    you jetted off your eye at me.

    I did not want it,
    this furnace, this draught-maddened fire which mounts up my arms
    making them swell with turgid, ungovernable strength.

    'Twas not I that wished it,
    that my fingers should turn into these flames
    avid and terrible
    that they are at this moment.

    It must have been your inbreathing, gaping desire
    that drew this red gush in me;
    I must be reciprocating your vacuous, hideous passion.

    It must be the want in you
    that has drawn this terrible draught of white fire
    up my veins as up a chimney.

    It must be you who desire
    this intermingling of the black and monstrous fingers of Moloch
    in the blood-jets of your throat.

    Come, you shall have your desire,
    since already I am implicated with you in your strange lust.