For Sale Dopetank Releases 345 Thor Patches


We proudly present our new release "Dopetank Thorset Refill"

This Thor based Refill shows how Thor is capable to sound and propably won't let it's buyers feel they didn't get bunch of Quality sounding patches for their money. We have made a short demo audio to show how some of the patches sound, which you can download here:

The patches are categorised into eight (8) different categories such as Bass, FX, Keys, Lead, Mono Synth, Other, Pad, Poly Synth. Overall there's 345 Thor Patches.
If you didn't want to download the demo audio file, you can listen to the 128bit mp3 stream of the same file - even tho it won't sound as clean as the audio file does.

When Thor was released, we heard that it will end all the synths, when I listen to some of the patches I made - I can say WOW and agree that It is an amazing sounding synthesizer.

To get this Refill or to hear the audio demo online, just visit our site: