DOPE AMMO - south coast - 13/12/06

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    Check out DOPE AMMO joining us all for the year anniversary and 1st brithday party!!

    The Dope Ammo team consists of the following collective of DJ/Producers,The Drunken Masters, DJ Rhyme, Hypersonix Boylan. When representing on the DJ circuit, it is the Drunken Masters who represent the DJ name Dope Ammo.

    Following the huge success of the "Uprising" album Dope Ammo have been signed to Mickey Finn and Aphrodites Urban Agency and have gone from strength to strength, with bookings all over the UK, Europe and now the US

    The Dope Ammo team are also currently working on a huge and very ambitious remix project that will be released later this year on vinyl in 4 separate instalments. All Dope Ammo artists will be appearing on this project. Plus guest artists, Total Science, Future Bound, Rascal + Klone and Baron. A mix CD/DVD including music, and video footage of their time touring the UK, Europe and the US will be included as part of the fourth release.


    As for the future of Dope Ammo, they will continue to play out at clubs and on radio stations all over the UK + abroad and despite this busy DJ schedule their main aim will be to continue to produce high quality cutting edge dance music that people can enjoy both at home and on the dancefloor.

    Thats right ravers unite - this will be Farehams biggest ever rave and will be a one time opportunity to have it LARGE on a local scale!!

    And for you hardcore heads DJ HIXXY and MC STORM WILL BE JOININ US UPSTAIRS!!!!!


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