Don't know the title of a great tune :(


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Apr 3, 2009
Hi all

I 've been serching for this track very very long time, i heard it once on one show on bassdrive the song goes like this >

westcoast and paris, wake up in tokio orleans...chicago

does someone out there know the title?
thanks :)
^^^ no, go home mate. you aint a clue what the UK has to offer , fukin Akala, check Jehst,Sonnyjim,Stig of the dump,wordsmith,some taskforce,melanin 9.. the list rolls on..

listen to this closely, if you think Akala is good in anyway :confused: ... this is true talant ..

the lyrics ..

[Verse 1]
Like Bekowsky the alcoholic author
Son of the devil I turn wine into water
My physical forms a metaphor for disorder
Absorb the trauma, my state is before the light
And I am short of time, short to find my keeper
Alive within reach of the reaper
The light sleeper drifts deeper into darkness
Read my palm and see the evil of my forefather's
Born after the last generation of gypsies
Move from the sticks to the city's
Give me 26 characters for home sick travellers
Bi-centennial men, hunter gatherers
Who run with the scavengers and brave the dangers
My tongue a labyrinth in this maze of pages
Playin' David, I stand defiant to the last standing giant
The android man, I walk silent and talk science
The child who sought guidance
The war cry echoes through these blood stained empires

"A man of many premonitions, Jehst"
"... Scruffy little man from the wasteland..."
"Moon juice sipping step children off the earth gods...
Fixing Smirnoff with dandelion and burdocks"
"A man of many premonitions, Jehst"
"... Scruffy little man from the wasteland..."
"Moon juice sipping step children off the earth gods..."
"Speaking in barbed wire tongues"

[Verse 2]
Fascinated by the fire like a child try'na touch the flame
I see change like a busk, everything stay much the same
Cut the weather vein
I hear blood water tapping out the lords morse code on my window pane
I rain dance 'till the harvest comes
Brave hearts keep beating to the hardest drums
Bastard sons are lost God's long forgotton
Monolithic heads on this island gone rotten
On top of the world or on the bottom of the food chain
We stay the same but our fears take a new name
We're all players so place your bets
You made your bed, lay in it and pray for the best
Death's door stays open to all without prejudice
I'm the fifth element of war with my nemesis
Brain storm genesis this is the start
My whole world's overcast so I live in the dark
I adapt now my vision is sharp
Go home to my house made of glass
And throw stones for a laugh
The favourite that came in last
I clutch at straws and I'm cut by a blade of grass
I done enough for you, you've done nothing for me
I'm puffing the tree, the bloodshed you're rushing to see

"Look we gotta hold ourselves together... we got to
See man if we go to pieces somebody out there's gonna get us"

"Latest sports news off the street bite
Our friend's are on second base and trying to make it all the way home
But the inside word is that the odds are against them
Stay tuned bumba ras, stay tuned"
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