Dont change - Hair (WIP)

I'd think your highs are a bit loud.
At least make the snare a bit punchier by bringing up the low eq there, or low mids, whatever works for you (usually 150-250 Hz)

Also you might wanna add another synth at the drop? To really bring out the thriving feeling? Could sidechain it so it doesnt really steal the show.
Or simply bring up the one you have now.

I really love the subbass that comes in just prior to the drop, thats a very cool touch!
The whole intro seems fine, builds up properly.

I hope I've helped you a little from within my perspective :)
Intro - can hear the drums sound a bit weak- mainly the snare!
Like the Sub before the drop too!
Nice Pattern on the drop, just think the drums need some beefing up and yeah the highs are far too loud- shift it all so the lows are more prominent and you're on to a winner!
Thanks a lot guys ive spent quite a bit of time on the drums now so they should be sounding much better i've also been adding a few different parts to them to keep things interesting. and i've also beefed up t e synth part at the drop so that should sound alot fuller and generally better i'll upload it soon as soon as i've had time to finish playing around with the levels and mixed it properly

Thanks again :)
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