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Dominic Ridgway - In-Reach Guest Mix #40


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We're back into 2019 with a fresh guest mix from Dominic Ridgway. Following his guest appearance on Silent Dust’s none60 imprint in February and we asked Mr Ridgway to prepare a mix for us. It features polished noise, rich pads and more vibes that make up the none60 we know and love.

  1. Korsun-Dove (Microfunk Music)
  2. Dissident-Vertical Vertigo (Forthcoming None60)
  3. Subminimal-Rekall (Ortem)
  4. Synth Sense-Seeking You Ft.Rose (Deep Soul Music)
  5. Antagonist-Cycles (Discipline)
  6. QZB-Revenant (Critical)
  7. ?? (Forthcoming Regression Media)
  8. Crimes!-Drip (Aufect Recordings)
  9. Kabuki-Alkaline (Halogen Music)
  10. Malk & Starjam-All I Need (Sunchase Remix)(Solace Records)
  11. Sinistarr- I Am Not Incincible (Dominic Ridgway Remix)(Forthcoming None60)
  12. Om Unit x Kid Drama-Untitled 2 (Apollo)
  13. TMSV-Doom Clone (Perfect Records)
  14. Halogenix-NEVREVR (Critical)
  15. DJ Madd-Dub Champion (Dub-Stuy)
  16. Physical Illusion & Hidden Element-Ancient Spirit (Absys Records)
  17. Dominic Ridgway-You Will Know Our Velocity (Forthcoming None60)
  18. Concealed Identity-Him Haile (Tribe12)
  19. Fracture-Sounboy Get Nervous (Exit Records)
  20. Proc Fiskal-Hello Boss (Bandcamp)
  21. Neve & Lynch Kingsley-Deadly (RUA Sound)
  22. Soul Intent-Too Long (Lossless Music)
  23. Klute-Revolution (Commercial Suicide)
  24. Breakage-Loved You So (Digital Soundboy)