Dom & roland - last refuge of a scoundrel sampler 2 (metalheadz)

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    awesome 12" listen here for couple clips and buy link.

    DOM + ROLAND 12"

    * CLEAR VINYL PRESSING in PVC sleeve *
    * The whispers have been building gradually for Dom & Roland’s album for Metalheadz and now we’re very happy to be able to reveal the sampler for the project
    * Sampler 2 steps things up a notch with Dom’s uncompromising take on d'n'b. Sampler 2 is all about the breaks and earth shattering bass, “Inna Soul Jah” could well be the soundtrack of the apocalypse whilst “DMT” feat long time sparring partner Hive is no less eye opening and it’s a welcome return for the Stateside’s best d'n'b producer
    Tracklist: a: DMT feat Hive, b: Inna Soul Jah
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