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    A DOM & ROLAND ALBUM for release 26.9.2011
    12 Exclusive solo tracks
    for Vinyl CD and MP3

    Dom of Dom & Roland needs no introduction. With his Roland sampler, he has been at
    the apex of drum and bass since the mid 90.s. One of the original pioneers of the techstep
    sound. NME once called him the George Lucas of the scene, due to his unfaltering ability
    to provide the listener with an aural'gasm of epic soundscapes inspired by the visuals of a
    thousand sci-fi movies.

    The Big Bang will be his fifth album and builds upon a sturdy framework of singles,
    albums and remixes going right back to when he was signed to Moving Shadow with it's
    now legendary cult status. His previous album credits read like a who's who of electronic
    music and have featured collaborations with creative masterminds like Optical, Matrix,
    Hive, Rob Playford, Noisia and Amon Tobin.

    This album being completely solo is a departure from his previous four. In Dom's own
    words “Apart from being something I've never done before, I wanted to get back to what I
    originally loved about DnB back in the late 90's and turn it into something more modern
    whilst retaining full control of the creation myself. I was also interested to see if there was
    still a place for the kind of dirty funk that I'm into in todays ultra clean digital world”

    So what do you get?
    “Epic Lucus'esque monsters” Flux and Enforced , “Tearouts” 2097 and Paralax,
    “Steppers” Cigars n Money and Terminate , “Neurofunkin” Nostradamus, Capsicum
    and Footnotes, “Rollers” Dune and Raptor and not forgetting a Dom trademark “Vocal
    Amen Smasher” Electric Smile VIP.

    It covers all bases of the music that has made Dom what he is today and if todays current
    big name DJ's are to be believed, it will be remembered as one of his best. You only have
    to search for the youtube video of DJ Marky “broking out” to Enforced which he played as
    his last tune at Global Gathering this year to see the impact this album will have this year
    and for the years to come.

    Audio clips of all the tracks on the album are on
    MP3 and WAV available from
    Vinyl MP3 WAV CD available from
    Worldwide DJ Bookings: