Does real love exist in todays society?


I'm thinking a lot about this lately and anyways, love is one of the biggest inspirations for my music. I'll try to explain you what I'm talking about but it's difficult.

Let's start by explaining how relationships usually build up. People meet people. Well, here is already where the problem starts in a surprisingly big amount of times. A LOT of people go out to parties or whatever and already say that they want to meet nice people (for a new relationship). They hope they'll get a new boy/girlfriend after that party, whether they tell you they do so or not, that's what they hope. And the big problem about this, they then meet someone they understand good with and eventually after some time they come together. They say they love each other. But well, it was all kind of calculated to happen, and that's the problem. Many people even just take the next-best person they find....
What about fate? In my personal opinion fate is the key to find your true love.

Why is it so hard to find someone who REALLY loves you nowadays and not someone who just wants to have a relationship with some person?
There is a person I waited for for 18 years and then I found her. I am serious when I'm saying that I loved her and I am still loving her because love doesn't just fade away. If it does, I don't think it was real love. Well, after a while it turned out that she probably was one of these persons who just takes the next-best person because she just doesn't want to be lonely. This made me think about this a lot... Are there even still people on this world like me who are not just taking anyone to simply have a relationship? Who know that it's not logical to say that you love several persons, there's just one person for you on the earth. And people who know that love does mean more than fitting together well.

"You taught me a lot about confidence, a common place, and settling.
I taught you all about love instead, petty theft, and remembering."
- Forever Came Calling - If Bukowski Could See Me Now


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I get what you're saying completely man.

I have friends who are signed & write/compose tunes based entirely on emotion & experiences & to be fair, its is an amazing thing to witness & subsequently to see people react in their own unique way, with their own interpretation of the piece, to the love, time & effort that has been put into it...

But yeah, this is completely the wrong part of the forum for this lol.

We're more into how many jars a man can stuff up his arse & the ins & outs of armchair psychology/politics/racism etc etc.



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haha me too! total bot warning, BUT as it isnt, OP should not be discouraged! this is well rounded and rather intellectual discussion thread. go on OP get another stab at it buddy, show them what youre made of.


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haha me too! total bot warning, BUT as it isnt, OP should not be discouraged! this is well rounded and rather intellectual discussion thread. go on OP get another stab at it buddy, show them what youre made of.
too much poo left on his sword after man love


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Nologix your parents presumably fell in love and had you. That was fate right? Meant to be and all that? Except of course your mum could have died in childhood, and your dad would have found someone else, and you'd never have been born...and your dad's kid may sat there thinking about fate etc. Except it's not really fate is it? We're all interchangeable as children, siblings or parents.

Ps You're in for a shock when you find out how cynical people are about why they marry. And another thing...your dad didn't love you when you were born. Did you know that? He had to learn to love you which took time. Ohhh the dark knowledge of adulthood...


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I am sure this guy is singing Willy willy to his loved one...must try that later, and may have to post this in response to everything moskit has to say for a while also
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