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    Old school D'N'B fan from way back in the day. So long ago I'm embarrassed to say but I bought my first Vinyl D'n'B track in 1994 I think. Deep Blue The Helicopter tune (at the time The face called it the first D'n'B track previously everything was Jungle)A 2 disc 10" collectors edition with Sunset over Stevenage (Great title for tune) as one of the songs. Anyway nowadays I have left UK and live in the Nordic area but lately began listening to D'n'B again.

    So on here to get some good tips on whats good D'n'B nowadays (I admit I have no clue anymore) and maybe reminisce with any other old heads about old tumes and old clubs



    heres 2 tunes

    - - - Updated - - -

    added bonus welcome track
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    we.lcome dodsy! good to have you in the house, mind if i edit your post so your tunes are clickable?
    they really belong in thte next talent section but it s generally accepted to post some of your work when you introduce yourself, and i usually listen and comment. but only if its cloclable, so do you mind doing that, or you eant me to