dodgy mixer


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Nov 16, 2008
this is the mixer iv got... quite old so ye its not suprising faults are starting to show.
basically one of the channels only plays through one of my monitors and sometimes the same channel doesn't even generate any sound out of the monitors.
any1 know any way of solving this? (atm i just give it a whack and it works) any1 ever opened up a mixer?
is it time to save up for a new mixer?
If it is an intermittent problem then it would most likely be a loose wire / connection.

Could even just be a build up of dust!
happens to me all the time, and it has nothing to do with my mixer, all i have to do is take out and lickin the connecting pins and puttin it back it.

its actually my decks that are broke, the 4 spring loaded pins inside the tonearm where the carts screw in are fucked, the springs have gone and dont touch the cart, so only get one channel come thru, dont know if this maybe whats causing it, worth a check tho, esp. if its randomly workin again, mines the same, need to get em into be fixed!
I had a problem with mine a while ago, both channels would play though the speakers when the crossfader was either fully left or fully right. I opened it up and unsoldered the pcb from the fader and opened the fader up, it's got like "tracks" inside and these where dirty/greasy and it wasn't getting a solid connection for each channel. I cleaned them and soldered it back together and it was like new again. I don't recommend you doing this with yours unless your pretty confident with soldering/electronics though cause you might fuck it up. If you are and the problem is bad then it maybe worth a go to save youself some money?
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