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To put it simply, Doc Scott is one of drum and bass’ pioneers, an originator and an innovator. I think it’s fair to say there are a level of persons in drum and bass whose involvements in the genre have played a central role in the very fundamentals of what it is, where it is and where it’s going. Not only from the point of view, in Doc Scott’s case, of having influenced the genre from the very beginning, but also through their totally inspiring outlook and their contribution to the genre in terms of the extent to which their able to enthuse and inspire each demographic and generation that passes through it.

I've always felt that drum and bass has a distinct family ethos, it seems to give people a genuine sense of belonging and a strong sense of identity. When you look at key figures within the genre like Doc Scott for example, he has not only released some of the genres most remarkable tunes but he also continually supports alternative, unorthodox and entirely forward-thinking music, whether that is through his sets, his Future Beats shows or his label 31 Records. When considering the benefits of going in a more mainstream and conventional direction it’s difficult not to respect and admire him. This element for me makes it easy to see how the genuine passion from those in his position can feed into everybody in the scene and contribute to that widespread feeling of being part of something truly incredible.

Having recently interviewed him, we took a closer look to find out how he’s made such a unique mark in the ever-evolving world of drum and bass. Taking it back to when and how he first got involved, Doc Scott gave us an insight to the motivations behind what he does.

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The stuff he was saying about Stray, Om Unit, Machinedrum etc and the 170 Aux stuff is almost exactly what I've been saying on the forum. Stop biting Doc Scott.

I love Doc Scott. The dude's got great taste and integrity.

In before he quits drum and bass for the 8th time.:nurr_nur: