Doc Scott - Future Beats Radio Show 07-12-17 (Last Ever Future Beats)


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Dec 1, 2013

Cool Story alert:

Sad to see the show end. Back in 2013-2014 Doc Scott with his Future Beats Shows was more than partly responsible for me getting properly deeper into the rabbit hole of this genre, as well as electronic music in general. At one point it was my absolute favourite show and I listened to them on repeat. The last 12 months I've kind of moved beyond, i.e my tastes developed in a direction that was different to Doc Scott's, I suppose, but still I listened to every show and it was always worth a listen or two (sometimes even ten).

Dunno if he'll read this, but in the off chance he does, thank you for opening my mind to music I probably never would've otherwise come across.

Cool Story over, I look forward to Doc Scott sharing music with others in the future.
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