Doc Scott B2B Bailey @ The End Shogun Audio Party 06/2008

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Jul 23, 2007
France Baby!
Doc Scott and Bailey went head to head at June 2008's Shogun Audio party. They gave the Shogun crew a history lesson, going seriously deep, with a proper old school set - back to the genre's mid-90s heyday.



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Mar 14, 2008
I checked this out on the Ends website and quite liked it. Every tune gets a rewind!
Just a point though, what does everyone think of 'pitching up' all the old skool tunes to modern day tempo? Obviously with the 'non-hamster' technology available this is improved, but to my mind, the faster speed loses some of the original vibe of these tunes, and you have to dance to them differently to how you would have done back in the day at the original tempo. What does everyone else think?

Oh,and cheers for the upload.
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